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Stand-Alone Unit

Are you tired of having wonderers and people vandalizing your property? Do you need protection but don't have the budget for an Officer or maybe you don't need an Officer. Just need some kind of warning sign or a light deterrent. Well what better way than to have a GSI Enforcement, Inc vehicle on your property. We are proud to provide a solution to those problems and a more economical deterrent. We introduce to you our "Stand alone- unit service". This new service and

solution has been rapidly growing. Don't just park any security vehicle. Take advantage of our reputation and respect! You can now rent our trusted and well known marked vehicles to your property. Give an appearance of having a GSI Officer onsite. Have criminals fooled and constantly second guessing themselves. Making your property a less of a target. With this service there's no need for you to do anything. We take care of everything! We will:

  • Deliver vehicle(s) to your property
  • Locate strategic and visible locations
  • Tactically position/park vehicle(s)
  • Random checks on vehicle(s)
  • Reposition vehicles on visits 

In our random checks we look for any criminal activity, vandalism, or tempering to our vehicles and to our client's property. We will report any findings or concerns immediately. These random checks also serve as vehicle upkeep/maintenance checks, such as low tires, equipment malfunctions, carwashes etc. Always providing to our clients a clean and professional patrol look.