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Residential Communities

Residential security is the major concern for homebuyers and residents living in apartment complexes, gated communities and communal condos. Since a shared gate is used for many tenants, it is easier for thieves to break into an apartment without anyone taking notice. A frequency of visitors coming and going makes the work even easier for criminals to get their job done.

One can’t afford to take their residential security for granted when nearly two million burglaries occur in the U.S. each year at the alarming rate of one burglary every 13 seconds and over 2,000 vehicles stolen every day from apartment complexes and buildings. You don’t want either yourself or any of your tenants to be a victim of these heinous crimes. Whether you’re an apartment owner or a condo operator, it’s in your hands to keep your residents and tenants safe and sound. This is why choosing apartment security services with GSI Enforcement, Inc is the safest option.

At GSI Enforcement, Inc, we are specialized in providing reliable and efficient apartment security services throughout Tulsa. Our tailored security services are created to meet your requirements for both luxury residential and low income apartments.

Our apartment security guards are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and customer service. GSI Enforcement, Inc provides you security personnel for apartments that are trained to deal with all aspects of safety and security, while catering to the specific needs of the residential community.