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GSI Patrol Services

GSI Enforcement, Inc offers Dedicated and Random vehicle patrols. Our highly Trained Patrol Officers will conduct random checks of your property in addition to responding to calls for service. Our patrol vehicles are clearly marked depending on client needs. In addition to acting as a visual deterrent, our patrol officers are ready to handle any situation that may arise. 

GSI patrol vehicles are equipped with lights, cameras, communications equipment, and Software system for report writing. With GSI Enforcement, Inc you will be notified of any incident that occurs on your property. Officers are able to write reports in the field immediately after an incident, while it is still fresh in their minds as opposed to returning to the office, which decreases the chance of any mistakes. Officers submit reports electronically to their supervisors and our clients. 

Random Patrol

“Random Patrol Service” is the talk of the town. We pride ourselves on this patrol service which is comprised of fully marked or unmarked vehicles and a uniformed Officer. We will patrol your property in unpredictable and random checks. We will not arrive at your location on the same time frames(unless required by client), keeping the perps always guessing.

Dedicated Patrol

In addition, we offer a “Dedicated Patrol Service” to our clients. This service is pricier but the patrol officer(s) remain on your property for the entire contracted shift/time, making this service well worth the price. With this service you will let everyone know that you are serious about your security. 

All of our guards are routinely monitored by our supervisors and their activities are monitored daily through our Officer tracking system.

Our guards are all individually trained by a Supervisor at each location and sites to make sure they fully understand the tasks and responsibilities issued to them.

Once again, our Uniformed “Cleet Certified" Officers who work patrol are specifically trained to look for unwanted persons on your property and are fully prepared to enforce your property rules, property violations and make arrests when laws have been broken and report it to the proper authorities.